The best part about downloading from Microsoft is that you can rest assured that it is all legal and trustworthy – there is no danger of malicious content invading your PC. There are a number of applications available for free download or as a limited trial offering. Here are a few:

Downloading clip art, images and sound

These can give an individual look to your presentations. If you have to plan a party, make the invitation look jazzy and beautiful with the help of free templates from Microsoft. Or, just download some templates to spice up your presentations, mail, or anything else that you would like to customize. You can also download new fonts to give a personal look to what you type.

Windows Media Player 11

Download the Windows Media Player 11 and enjoy the melodies that are your lifeline. The best part is that you can not only use this software to store, share, rip or burn music, but also other digital media including pictures, videos and recorded TV. Windows Media Player 11 works on all editions of Windows XP. It makes playing, viewing and organizing music easy.

Downloading trial software

Trial software gives you the advantage of trying out new software free of cost. You can decide later whether you would like to buy it or whether it suits your needs. The software on offer from Microsoft is full-featured and functional. They, however, have a limited period for evaluation and expire after the stipulated time. For instance, Microsoft offers the ‘Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint with SP2’ which will greatly enhance the security system of your PC, but is available for a trial period of 120 days.

Don’t forget to check the system requirement information available with all free downloads. Your system should be compatible and support the program that you wish to use. Happy downloading!

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