Dead Rising Wii Controls Explained

Last month, Capcom announced Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for Wii after their success of porting Resident Evil 4 for Wii. Now, Capcom has detailed Wii remote controls for chopping and slashing the zombies.

Gamers will get to use Wii remote's pointing and motion detection capabilities for killing the zombies. To shoot using the gun, gamers have to aim at the weakest part of the target, which would be indicated by a red pointer to inflict maximum damage. For zoom-in fire view, move the viewpoint around with the nunchuck analogue stick. To zoom in and out of the target view, use Z and C. Shake the remote to reload.

You can also assign weapons shortcuts to the D-pad for quick use. When grabbed by a zombie, ward it off by simply shaking the remote to set-free. Likewise, using other objects like the bat requires raising them to a certain level for maximum damage.


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