Game Goddesses: Dressed to Kill

For decades, game designers have been creating divine manifestations of the female form -- manifestations unlike anything one might possibly encounter in the real world. These females are important; every hit game needs a game babe just as every hit movie needs a good-looking actress. But when a woman can be "created," why is there such a difference between the various game goddesses? Well, every designer has his own vision, and every game needs a different kind of character. But with every new game the designers try and overshadow past creations. The Game Goddesses' look and interaction has been getting more and more real -- and maybe one day you'll be able to create your own dream babe and see her life-like, just like Mouse created the "Woman in the Red Dress" in The Matrix.

Check out some of the best-looking game characters with perfect figures.

Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise

When she was unleashed into the gaming realm in 1998, this babe with out-of-this-world proportions and clad in that figure-hugging T-shirt and hot-pants was an instant hit with almost every gamer. Her moves were so good, players might have idly moved her around a level just to see her from every angle.

Lara was The Babe, the original female video game action heroine. She had everything one could want in a babe - intelligence, cool knowledge of history, the ability to locate hidden treasures through cryptic maps, sharp shooting pistol skills, firearms, and a super-sultry English accent.

Angelina Jolie plays her in the movies. In 2006, she got herself a star on the Walk of Game, and holds the Guinness World Record for being the "most successful human video game heroine."

Samus Aran from the Metroid franchise

Nintendo gave us a real game babe, probably one of the very first ones, with the Metroid games. Samus was introduced in the 1986 video game that was inspired by the movie Alien.

Now Samus is a bounty hunter employed by the Galactic Federation to hunt alien "Space Pirates" and energy-draining alien parasites called "Metroids." The babe is celestial in more ways than one as she kicks alien-ass in outer space and does it all alone!

Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark

Joanna is another hot English babe, and probably the closest version of the female James Bond that gamers have played till date.

The name Joanna Dark has two origins -- one as a tribute to a ferocious lady of ancient times, France's Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc). The other reason developers chose to surname her "Dark" was that as an elite mercenary and spy of the highest order, she was impossible to spot, detect, or defeat.

Her red hair, blue eyes, and a star tattoo on her neck distract enemies long enough for her to infuse perfect holes into their foreheads. Her red hair is mixed with a little blond in front -- that's supposed to be a genetic flaw. This design of the character had been through many changes until a realistic Joanna was finally arrived at.

Rachel from Ninja Gaiden

This killer with an overtly sexual costume is a demon hunter from the Vigoor Empire. She wields a powerful Warhammer to strike down foes to dust, apart from the Peluda Tail (a whip) and her Blades of Ouroborus sorcery. She is also a playable character in Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Elexis Sinclaire from the Sin Franchise

This toxic Bio-Geneticist from SinTEK Corporation wants to develop biological mutagenic weapons to kill and correct humanity (as if her looks weren't enough for that). She first appeared in the 1998 game Sin, but looked much better in Sin: Episodes: Emergence. Her super realistic curves will have most gamers sweating and, umm, uncomfortable, thanks to Valve's realistic Source Engine.

She wanted to make U4 and in the process of playing God (she's a Techtree Game Goddess anyway!) and building mutated life forms that could have enhanced physical and mental capabilities, she had to face the usual twists that overambitious, mad and evil scientists encounter. Her experiments went horribly wrong and the unsuspecting test subjects turned into horrible mutant monsters.

The game and model designers must have taken a really long time to create her fine lines and curves and you'll spend a lot more time staring at her than shooting enemies, that's for sure.
Her ultimate goal is to take revenge on the world through the evolution of mankind. Now that's wicked sick!

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