Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (

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In V-ism you can create your own original combos for a limited amount of time, see the video below and you will understand what I mean. You basically get a virtual double and it can be used to produce crazy combos. It can seem a little complicated but you get used to it once you start playing the game. The game is very fast paced and offers many combos and moves to explore. The only issue is that its not so easy to execute all the moves due to the control scheme, its a little hard to get used to the controls on the PSP. But once you get used to the controls, it's smooth sailing. The multiplayer is Ad-hoc only but is great fun. Nothing like beating up your old friend!

The graphics are traditional Street Fighter, which look super cool on the PSP's rich screen. The presentation is the same as always with no changes, which is my concern. I guess they could have added some changes in the presentation but they were left untouched and simply ported from previous version.