Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (

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This constant challenge makes the world tour very interesting and worth playing. There is also arcade mode, which is a simple start-fight-exit kinda game, good ol-action without any story mumbo-jumbo. Enough about game modes, lets get into the action in the game.

The game play is no different from the arcade or PC version of the alpha games. The same super fast fighting style with a new twist and these twists are called "-isms". In SF Alpha, the super combos can change the entire match within seconds. These super combos are not very easy to execute and have many different levels to them. Every player has an energy gauge, which is filled by performing various actions like getting a few good hits. The energy gauge is used to unleash super-combos. As mentioned earlier, there are three different levels of super combos that have to be selected before each match. The most basic is called X-ism, this one is simple and has only one Super combo per player. The second is called A-ism, there are 3 different levels to A-ism and this means that you can fill up three different gauges. A-ism is useful as there are 3 different super combos and the last is V-ism, a little complicated so let me elaborate.