Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (

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The PSP version has a large number of fighters - around 40 of the meanest hard-a$$3s you will come across in gaming. This includes the ever so popular, Ken and Ryu, Sagat, Guy borrowed from Final Fight, Chun-Li and many more. All the original characters have been given a fresh new look, Ken now sports a ponytail, Chun-Li no longer exposes her legs and Sagat has got even bigger. Let's get into the finer details.

The game offers 12-game modes, these include arcade, World Tour (Story), Variable Battle (character swap), Dramatic Battle (2 Players vs AI) and R.dramatic (1 Player vs 2 AI), Survival Mode and many more. The number of game modes is mighty impressive and clearly indicated that this is a game that will keep you entertained for weeks.