Review INQ 3G: Throwing caution to Nokia and Blackberry


The INQ Chat 3G is a tri band GSM handset. It supports 3G and HSDPA, along with GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and even GPS connectivity. Sadly there is no WI-Fi to complete this list, otherwise the phone would have got almost top marks in this department. The call quality and network reception on this phone is pretty decent. Unfortunately, the loudspeaker is pretty weak and barely audible.

The phone is sold in India through Aircel. However, as we observed the INQ Chat 3G could be used with any network as it wasn't network locked to Aircel.

One of the cooler features of the Chat 3G is the push mail support. So now you can just configure your GMail account on to your phone and automatically receive free push mails onto your phone for free.

The web browser on the phone is pretty decent and websites look rather well on it. Page loading speed was also pretty decent, although we wished the phone had Wi-Fi connectivity for even faster browsing. You can use a 3G SIM card with the phone if you want a faster browsing experience as Aircel doesn't support 3G as yet.

The INQ Chat 3G comes with Google Maps pre-installed. You can use it with the built-in GPS to navigate around and see where you are located on the map. You don't get features like turn by turn voice navigation though.