Indians increasingly getting a second life, virtually

The initial response to GoJiyo looks encouraging. "GoJiyo has over 500,000 visits and has already crossed 100,000 registered users in less than a month," says Tanya Dubash, executive director and president (marketing), Godrej Industries. Although the company did not launch GoJiyo to become a gaming zone, it hopes to create a strong connect with its young audiences. "GoJiyo complements Godrej's products and services. But it does not confuse the audience, as it is not a product but a platform to experience products in a non-intrusive way. It will also allow us to create greater awareness about Godrej and its various product brands," she explains. As for GoJiyo, the next frontier is mobile phone users. "GoJiyo aims to go after the mobile platform in the next few months," reveals Dubash.

Like SecondLife, where players get to exchange L$ for real money, GoJiyo users will eventually be allowed to convert their virtual money, or Mios, to buy Godrej products in the real world. "We do have plans to allow the exchange of Mios for Godrej products, but, as of now, we are running contests that encourage users to build networks online," says Dubash.