Indians increasingly getting a second life, virtually

Today, he earns 1,500 linden dollars or L$ (virtual currency on SecondLife) every month, renting his land and house to other virtual players. But that's not just play money -- the site has its own economy that maintains a currency peg of about L$265=US$1. "It's not the money I can make on SecondLife that counts but the pleasure I get from being on the site. I can fly, teleport and create anything that can be built with my Linden dollars," says Sameer.

But when he got a promotional text message from GoJiyo, India's first 3D virtual world, urging him to join the site and earn 'Mios' (virtual currency on the site), he could not resist. "It's a good attempt to Indianise SecondLife, but what I liked is that adding friends and earning points on GoJiyo could win me IPL tickets. Now that's a real treat from the virtual world," he says.