Now, watch You Tube on your large screen television

The TV Link also has HDMI and RCA connectors, and you have the option of changing the latter from RGP to YUV input, thus enabling versatility. Also at the back of the unit is an SPDIF connector that lets you hook up high quality 5.1 audio to your home theater equipment.

The codecs supported by the TV Link generally plays every movie file that you throw at it. Though clips I shot with my old mobile phone in the 3gp format did not play; avi, divx and other movies formats worked out of the box. The unit supports Dolby Digital Encoding, WAV, WMA, MPEG1/2/4 (AVI/xVID), DivX and JPEG as formats. The output is a full 1080 p, so for old TV sets you will have to programme it to use a 720 p, 4:3 output.
The slim form factor means that you can carry it around while on holiday and hook it up to the television in your hotel room and watch the movies, listen to music, or see pictures that you have stored on your external hard disk.