On Holiday? Put away that Blackberrry, work & worries

Mumbai: The palm-coconut-fringed beach, white sand and crashing sea waves may be a feast for the eyes, but Mr Super-busy Executive is watching them as dispassionately as he would look at the Mithi river (in a prominent Mumbai intersection) every morning on his way to office.

For, his mind is in a different world -- where he is either the boss or a wannabe. Who cares for as mundane a thing as the Arabian Sea in Goa? Mr Executive -- and there are scores of them, actually -- is all physically present on the beach but talking furiously on his Blackberry or sending must-do messages to his office staff.

Meanwhile, his family gets bored after a while and ventures out into the sea on their own. A 12-something girl was complaining to her mother that dad seemed to love his other "baby" more than her.

Her dad may well be one of those countless obsessive micromanagers who would give assignments to their juniors but then manage them to death. These managers trust their teammates exactly the way one would trust a five-year-old behind the wheel of the car.

But the sight of these superbusy executives can be disconcerting -- for, if your mobile is silent and your laptop is blissfully sleeping in your hotel room on this family holiday trip, chances are you may start feeling that you are an inadequate and redundant manager. For, over 500 emails in your inbox or quick video conferences with the boss or team members even on a holiday seem to have become more a norm than an exception.