If you are an Apple basher, here are your alternatives

iPod Nano - Sony Walkman NWZ-E440

The iPod Nano has become a favored choice of anybody who didn't want to chug around an MP3 player in the shape of a thin brick (we're talking about the iPod Classic). It's gotten better every year, with the recent version bearing much demanded features like FM radio. They even managed to shove in a camera in there!

But an audiophile won't really find true bliss in it. If you have your eyebrows raised, we ask you to look at the Sony Walkman NWZ-E440. Although it doesn't have a cool name like the 'Nano', this Walkman is fairly small and lightweight, has excellent audio quality and good battery life. There's no iPod click-wheel, but large buttons and a simple interface ensure ease of use. It's priced competitively too, which is surprising for a Sony product.

Source: Techtree