If you are an Apple basher, here are your alternatives

iPod Shuffle - Samsung Pebble/Sony Walkman NWZ-B143F/Samsung YP-U5
Apple had a clever marketing strategy when they started selling the iPod Shuffle. "Be surprised by your music" was the slogan that Apple came up with to cover the player's lack of a screen. The newer version looks cute, but irritatingly has no controls on the body; rather they're placed on the earphone wire. So, you can't possibly use it with any other pair of earphones, let alone connect it to a set of speakers.

We say leave the Shuffle aside. There are many better players out there in this segment. If you insist on a screen-less player, we'd rather ask you to check out the Samsung YP-S2 (a.k.a the Pebble). It looks equally cool and has wear-around-the-neck style earphones. It belts out decent audio quality too.
But trust us when we say that screen-less MP3 players do tend to get on your nerves after the initial amazement period is over. It hurts when you can't just skip to your favorite tune when you want to, without jumping through the entire playlist. We'd rather reckon you go for a Samsung YP-U5 or a Sony Walkman NWZ-B143F. Both are pen drive shaped players with a screen. Both offer good sound quality and come with extra features like FM radio or a voice recorder.