If you are an Apple basher, here are your alternatives

iPod Touch - iAudio Cowon S9

The iPod Touch has become more or less a cheaper substitute for people who want to experience the awesome interface of the iPhone, but can't afford one. True, it's more than just a media player - the plethora of applications and internet browsing capabilities are unmatched by any other competitor. But for people looking for an audio-video playback solution should definitely check out the Cowon S9. It offers a gorgeous OLED display, has long battery life and trumps the iPod Touch with its Bluetooth stereo audio capabilities. There's a voice recorder and FM radio too.

The Cowon S9 is a true PMP by the definition. It supports a variety of video formats like XVID and WMV, which will save you the hassle of converting your videos before transferring onto the player. Audio quality is at par with iAudio's high standards. The initial User Interface had its share of problems, but it's reported that the newer firmware versions have ironed out the bugs.