If you are an Apple basher, here are your alternatives

Mac Mini - Dell Zino HD

The Mac Mini was a cute little Macintosh; the cheapest Mac one could buy. While Apple has added more muscle to its internals over the years, there are still a few things amiss. Like the fact that it could possibly never be a good HTPC (Home Theater PC). Enter the Dell Zino HD. Apart from totally ripping off the Mini's square design; Dell did manage to bring in a couple of unique selling points to this PC. First, it's available in a lot more color options with some really radical top covers. You can configure it with an AMD Athlon dual-core processor that's not as fast as the Core 2 Duo on the Mac mini.

But when paired with an entry-level ATI Radeon graphics chip, it's decently powerful to do tasks like HD playback. In every other aspect though, you can tune the Dell Zino HD with double the specs of the Mac Mini. But now for the most effective feature - a Blu-ray reader drive can be swapped in place of a regular DVD drive. And, with that HDMI port at the back, you've got yourself a perfect little HTPC. Even if you top the configuration on Dell's site, it'll cost you as much as the higher-end version of the Mac Mini. If that wasn't enough, you also get an 18.5-inch LCD monitor with the Zino.