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Looks like all those rumours around Apple products and their September event turned out to be true.

At Apple's "Let's Rock" event yesterday, Steve Jobs unveiled the next generation of iPods, apart from making a few less significant announcements.

The 4G iPod Nano returns to the original Nano's tall look, and comes in many "nano-chromatic" colors. It's also been fitted with an accelerometer, so you can shake your Nano to shuffle through your music, or like the iPod touch, tilt it sideways to switch to the Cover Flow view. And, of course, there will be games that will use this to (hopefully) entertaining effect. Prices have dropped too, and at $149 (Rs 6,600) for the 8 GB Nano, it comes down to the same price as the 8 GB Zune.

The iPod Touch, too, gets an update, with a new, thinner look (we didn't even think that was possible) and volume control buttons on the side. It's also got its own inbuilt speaker, which ought to be good for previewing music, at the very least. Prices plummeted here too, with the 8 GB Touch dropping to $229 (Rs 10,076) from its previous $299 (Rs 13,156).

The iPod Classic gets an update as well--it's now available only in a 120 GB flavor (black or white), and costs $249 (Rs 10,956).

All iPods and the new iTunes 8 will support a new feature called Genius, which automatically selects songs that "go together" from your playlist. Software updates for both the iPod Touch and the iPhone are in the pipeline too.

Not the most "ooh"-inducing Apple event, but we know you're looking at those iPod prices and smiling.


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