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Folks at iFixIt (as usual) conducted the customary tear-down of the iPod Touch V2 announced at the Apple Keynote yesterday - and boy did they find something interesting! Nothing less than a full fledged Bluetooth chip embedded!

The chipset supposedly supports 2.1 and EDR and probably, A2DP. However the question that has flabbergasted Apple fans is the secrecy behind this chip. There is no mention of Bluetooth support at all - anywhere in the specifications page.
However, there is this Nike+iPod sports kit that was announced a few months ago. Used on the Nano previously, it has been enabled for the Touch V2 as well. There is a speculation that the "wireless" technology used by Nike+iPod happens to share the 2.4 ghz frequency used by Bluetooth, which means, we probably know what this chipset is doing here. But, these are just speculations and for the moment, we can just speculate.

Another interesting find by iFixIt is an extra fifth wire coming out of the headphone jack. Those who know their iPod Touch very well, are aware that V1 only had four wires. Does the fifth one mean external microphone support? Speculate!


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