Airtel brings 'speed-on-demand' service

Bharti Airtel has launched a 'speed-on-demand' service, specifically targeting its customers in the South. As the name suggests, the service will be offered in a pay-per-use model, with customers being able to select when they need high-speed and pay accordingly.

The service will come in 4 different broadband speed options that range from 256kbps (Rs.25/hr) to around 2mbps (Rs. 120/hr).

Customers can log on to the Airtel SelfCare portal to view their usage and session details, which will subsequently be mentioned in the bill as well.

Airtel Telemedia customers can choose from 4 different broadband speed options:

1)      Broadband speed of 256 KBPS at Rs. 25/- per hour
2)      Broadband speed of 512 KBPS at Rs. 40/- per hour
3)      Broadband speed of 1024 KBPS at Rs. 75/- per hour
4)      Broadband speed of 2048 KBPS at Rs. 120/- per hour


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